Energy Healing

A non-invasive form of healing, it’s a technique to clear and balance your life energy. It helps to heal physical ailments, as well as issues you can’t touch – like the psychological, emotional and spiritual pain a person carries with them.

To better understand and advance myself on how healing energy works, I’ve studied several disciplines – from Taiwanese masters to the Barbara Brennan school. Mostly though, I draw from Pranic Healing methods because I can both cleanse away congested/heavy energies that prevent you from healing yourself – as well as give needed energies that perform specific tasks you might need help with.

Please note that most of what’s happening isn’t visible – I’m not waving my hands around for no reason. Energy healing is a thought intensive process that requires concentration, effort and focus/intention. So if I offer you a healing session, it’s because I feel you really need it and is a gift given freely – from me to you.

I don’t have a set rate for this service – if you’re the one requesting a session, consider donating or remunerating in some way. For karmic reasons, it should be understood that the act of giving is as important as the act of receiving.


To request a healing session, contact me here.