My name is Young, and I’m from New York. It’s a crowded city with lots of people – about 10 million of them – and it’s not easy or even natural to be around so many beings. Naturally, we’re all bombarded with different kinds of energies – good, bad, nervous, manic… you name it.

For now, this is my launch site for my various works – videos, photography, acting, writing – and also energy healing.

In those instances when your body isn’t functioning correctly, whether it’s physical or mental, energy cleansing helps to clear blockages and congestion that prevent good internal flow of your body’s energy. These blockages manifest into physical ailments, so it could be a sign that an energy alignment is needed. The opposite is also true in those instances where your energy is depleted, whether it’s a physical wound, mental fatigue or something else you can’t really touch – a projection of energy may be helpful in revitalizing or speeding up the healing process.

It’s an exciting time for finding ways to heal yourself with the explosion of yoga practices, good diets and other healthy habits. But for those times when you feel the need for extra help in fixing a physical or other ailment that you can’t otherwise touch (stress or even depression), energy healing could be a path you may want to explore.

For that, I’d encourage you to inquire within. I’m a friendly guy.