Welcome to my jump page! You’re probably here for one of the following:



Web: FirstL00k.com
Youtube: FirstL00k

My tech website, First L00k (L00k with two zeros) showcases the latest products from both established companies and the hottest start-ups. Based in New York City, we create videos presented by the product’s own reps (whenever possible) to get first-hand word about their up and comings, as well as write reviews of currently available goodies. I add little known secrets using my background in computer science, tech and audio.



Web: Origami Archive
Youtube: Origami channel

This site features videos on how to fold origami models. You can always fold from diagrams, but they’re not the easiest to decipher sometimes and videos make it easier to follow. This is my archive of models I’ve learned, so I wouldn’t forget. Come fold with me!


Young the Photographer (facebook)

I cover events (Corporate, Bat Mitzvahs, ComicCon, fashion, etc) and like directing Cosplayers to create interesting photos. I’ve done work with the Swiss Tourism Board and actors headshots. I don’t post most of the client works, but I do put up things on Facebook that’s ok for public consumption.


Young the Actor (facebook)

Television, film and commercials – usually on projects that shoot in New York City. Like Mr Robot and Lonely Island music videos…  The link is to a personal facebook page to keep in touch with other entertainment industry professionals.


Young the Reviewer/Writer (Otakus & Geeks)

I’m an oldskool anime geek (almost turned comic book artist – but that’s another story.) Alongside the guys at Otakus & Geeks (I’m the “geek” of Otakus & Geeks), I mix and match my love for tech and anime/manga as one of their head writers/videographers with written tech and manga/comic book reviews and videos. You can find my work by searching for “Young Jeohn”. It’s a really fun outlet, check’em out!


Healing Hands

Young the Energy Healer

A non-invasive form of healing, it’s a technique to clear and balance your life energy. It helps to heal physical ailments, as well as issues you can’t touch – like the psychological, emotional and spiritual pain a person carries with them. I study and use best practices from various disciplines like Pranic Healing, Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and others. I use Bruce Lee’s philosophy of Jeet Kun Do, to “adapt what is useful, reject what is useless and add what is specifically my own”.

Sometimes I offer healing if I feel someone really needs it – a gift given freely from me to you. While there are no set rates for this service, donations are accepted since it does take a lot of energy, concentration, effort, and time (especially for the more complicated issues). Consider donating or remunerating in some way if you’re the one requesting a healing session – for karmic reasons, the act of giving is as important as the act of receiving.


YouTube.com/YoungJeohn (Personal channel)

This is a personal YouTube channel for shits and giggles which I use as a sort of a test bed for fun – and was where I experimented with making tech videos until I created FirstL00k.